3 ‘Games’ Girls Play With Guys

Something about modern dating—no one expresses exactly how they feel anymore and no one really knows what they’re doing.

It has long been known that girls love to play mind games with guys; it’s nearly a fact, I’m sure. And every girl has their own way going about it—their own style, you could say. But there are usually three common games that guys fall victim to, and if your not careful, you could fall victim yourself, or again.


Playing Hard to Get

This is something that I have never understood entirely, but will admit to actually seeing proof of it at work. Playing hard to get is usually a go-to for girls.

With modern dating and the expectations of sleeping together almost immediately, no girl wants to seem like a slut or too eager; so instead they act almost completely uninterested.

For me personally, this is a total turnoff. Why pursue a girl that has made efforts to make it seem as though she isn’t interested in me? I’m not going to fight to make you like me; I don’t care enough and you don’t know me well enough to hurt my feelings or to make me seek your approval.

Playing hard to get just seems very counterproductive and can honestly ruin a man if he lets it. So watch out, gentlemen,


Stringing Guys Along

Everyone loves attention. Even those who are extremely shy in public and say they don’t, they at least love attention from their friends and family. This is usually especially true regarding girls.

Girls love being told their pretty and smell nice and have beautiful hair and all of that mumbo jumbo, even when it’s coming from someone who they don’t entirely feel the same way about.

Far too often I have had friends and peers who have been strung along by a girl simply cause they were a nice guy and the girl feared hurting them. She loved the free dinner dates and cute flowers you dropped off at her house, but never did she have the intention of anything else developing—unbeknownst to the guy, of course.

Now many girls are up front about similar situations, but even more of them aren’t. More and more guys think they have a “girl,” when in reality he is merely another number in her phone.


“You’re the Only Guy I’m Talking To”

If a girl feels the need to say this to you, then chances are you’re not the only guy she is talking to. For sweet, kind-hearted girls, talking with multiple guys isn’t even a thought of possibility for them—they simply appreciate the guy giving them his attention and they’re usually happy with that.

It’s the girls that are talking to many guys that feel the need to say they’re not talking to other guys. Otherwise, the thought to even say such wouldn’t happen. Girls love admirers and they’re not quick to dismiss them; even if it is just for an occasional confidence-boosting text saying how pretty they are.

Aim for a sweet girl who will appreciate your attention and efforts, not a girl who has two guys in line before you and three after you.
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