3 Ways to Spice Up Game Night

Everyone loves a good game night. Whether you’re playing with your family, friends or significant other, game night is about having fun and relaxing for a bit.

But if you feel the desire to spice things up and make them a little more interesting, then keep reading to discover how to make the most out of your game night.

It is highly suggested that these tips be used with a significant other, and most definitely not with your family members. Game night is a night for all ages, but with these rules, lets just say its X-rated.


Play Naked

No matter the game, no matter the rules, no matter the time of day or place of occurrence, if possible, play naked. A very simple, yet outlandish rule, playing naked is sure to set game night off on a different foot than usual.

Suggested for significant others, this rule is sure to excite your heartbeat continuously and make it hard to focus on the game at hand. If things go as they should, you probably won’t even finish the game before clearing all the game pieces and getting frisky on the board game itself.

Either way, it is important that game night still takes place in order to stand out from just another night of spontaneous sex. Play for a bit, take a “break”, then finish; start with the “break” and then play; play all the way through then take an all-night “break”; I don’t care, just make sure you finish the game, and, most importantly, get that “break.”


Involve Alcohol

Almost everything is more fun with alcohol, but definitely every board game is more fun with alcohol. Incorporating alcohol into game night may be something of the past for you, so merely incorporate more of it.

Alter rules within the game to make taking a drink a usual punishment, or reward. No matter the game, alcohol can be incorporated, I promise.

Even if you have a hard time fitting drinking into the game, simply decide “you have to finish your [insert drink here] before the first round is over,” or something along those lines.

Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself as sloppy as the board game and thinking about how much fun you’re having. Just make sure not to puke on the game and ruin it for everyone else.


Make Sexual Bets

Everyone loves a good competition. Especially when that competition involves betting and wagering. Next time you’re starting game night, challenge your significant other to a bet; winner takes all.

Bet your favorite sexual positions, places to do the deed and guilty pleasures; you may find yourself trying to win harder than ever before. There are countless bets to be made and countless game nights to make them, play wisely.
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