Text Me to Go Out, Please, I Love It

Being a 20-year-old girl in college, I’ve seen multiple ways guys attempt to hit on you. Whether it’s a drunken frat boy attempting to grind up on you or slurring their words trying to get a sentence out, they all suck. Most guys in their 20s completely lost the romance of dating, but are completely comfortable sending you a Snapchat to go out with them. What happened to face-to-face conversations? It seems that men nowadays are only comfortable speaking to girls when they’re either blacked out or hidden behind their cell phone.

One time I was at a frat party, and some long-haired, steroid-looking guy stumbled up to me and kept begging for my number. After repeatedly saying no, I finally gave in just to get him away from me. I gave him my phone number, and started trying to talk to him because I thought maybe he was just fucked up, but all he could talk about was his man bun and how “shredded” he looked in his shirt. I saw one of my girlfriends, and I grabbed her arm to come save me. I instantly gave her “the look” every girl gives when they’re grossed out, and she pulled me into the party to go dance. The next day, I saw him on campus, and I waved to him. He looked at me straight in the eyes and kept walking like he didn’t beg for my number the night before.

So, why can’t guys just have a normal conversation with you? Guys in their 20s all seem to think it’s normal to text a girl to go “hang out” because that doesn’t seem misleading. Is it literally to just hang out, or is it to go out with me? Once you do decide to go “hang out” you end up obsessing in your head wondering if it really was just to hang out, and they only want to be friends with benefits with you, or they’re actually into you, but you’ll never know because all they do is text you to hang out.

Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve watched too many romantic movies, and have been waiting for Noah from the Notebook to come sweep me off my feet, but I still won’t understand it. At least until I get asked out in person, maybe with some flowers too?
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